Title: Start­up

Key Words: Motivation, Business, Strategy, Market, Resources.

Why choose this workshop?

Are you creative, with a business idea and willing to invest time in your concept? Or are you an entrepreneurial spirit, interested in a business idea? Then this is the perfect workshop for you!
You will learn the business skills it takes to bring your idea from conception to market. Each workshop session focuses on a specific topic, ranging from understanding what types of financing is best suited to your business to creating the right buzz for your business, getting clients to buy into your product, and much more.

Number of participants: 10 - 15


This workshop is designed to guide and support you in developing your marketing strategies. It will take you step­-by-­step from defining your product or service and identifying your customers, to planning how to attract those customers and get them to buy.
To turn a business idea into a profitable business is not easy, especially when the financial resources you have available are not very high. This workshop will help you identify the types of costs you may incur in your business, explains the different methods of pricing and will give you guidance to set the price for your products and services.
Join us to find out more and learn how this could be applied to your business.

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