WHEN? FROM 22.07.2024 TO 31.07.2024

Learning and making friends worldwide!

An international student festival where the nights will turn into mornings and the friends will turn into family!

A unique experience where we combine educational workshops with meeting new people while having fun and living epic moments.

Shine Your Own Light!

Step into the brilliance of our 30th edition of the festival, themed Shine Your Own Light. Celebrate self-confidence, illuminate uniqueness, and be part of our city's luminous history!

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6 tracks to choose from!
Health and wellbeing

Of course it is important for us as individuals to take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally, and also make sure everyone else has access to the health care they deserve…

Performative Arts

People love expressing their emotions through art and we love seeing them create something meaningful while discovering new mediums and collaborating with each other…

Build your initiative

Covering everything one would need to know to sketch and plan an initiative for their community, from coming up with an original idea to taking the steps to implement it…

Culture and its preservation

Our cultures represent big parts of our identities, shaping our surroundings and experiences, and it is important to why and know what’s good/bad when it comes to keeping it intact…

Quality Education

The perfect educational system might not exist yet but together we can find the key elements to make a harmonious and inclusive one, where you can teach and learn in a safe environment…

Market your innovation

Revolutionary ideas and the technological innovations that come up along are the ones that will improve our world, if taken the right steps to create and market them…

Have fun, make friends, live in the moment!

Every year we get to meet people from all over the world, make friends, memories, and take part in the most fun activities in ISWinT.

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