WHEN? summer of 2021

More than just a week! 10 days of learning and enjoyment!

A student festival like no other! A unique experience where we combine educational workshops with fun activities, meeting new people, and more!

Learn in a different way!

Meet some of the best trainers in Europe and learn how to #stopbullying or how to #haveahealthymind.

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Have fun, make friends, live in the moment!

Get to know people from all over the world, make friends, memories, and take part in the most fun activities in ISWinT.

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All happening in Romania, in a city called


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This year introducing Diversity Without Borders!

This year's main topic is Diversity Without Borders! All activities, workshops and events revolve around this topic

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8 workshops to choose from!

Because we believe in DIVERSITY WITHOUT BORDERS, we have prepared for you a lot of activities and events that revolve around this topic.