Main Activities in ISWinT

The Parade, International Night, Romanian Night, and more! The main events everyone loves in ISWinT!

International Night

You know that blissful feeling when the whole family is gathered around the table?

Then you should picture this: the big family of ISWinT having a diner together, with traditional dishes from each participant's country, prepared by themselves!

Of course, the fun is not over yet, because the food tasting is followed by one of the most memorable parties of ISWinT festival.

If you like cooking, sharing delicious food with your friends and making unforgettable memories, then you will definetely love International Night.

Also, dont't forget to pack some traditional clothes from your contry! We can't wait to share and admire each other's traditions, bound frienships and find out awesome things about every country.

Remember, this night is all about diversity, people and fun!

Romanian Night

"Because we want to make you fully feel our traditions we have prepared a night in which you will get a taste of them.

Imagine coming, enter the place and be greeted by our organisers in a traditional manner, then you will get a taste of our variety of romanian food while you will be delighted by traditional dances.

Of course, at a point, all of us will join the traditional dances and you will get to learn some steps.

All these and more surprises about our culture are waiting for you at Romanian Night."

The Parade

In this special event we are going to bright up the city with the ISWinT vibe. So prepare your flag, ISWinT T-shirt and happiness.

"So wave your flag, now wave your flag".

We're going to march through the center of the city waving our flags, face painted, singing songs, dancing and spreading happiness all around.

In the end, when we arrive at the final point, we'll get to dance and enjoy a wonderful artistic show by the time the sun sets down.

Now, did you get a little taste of what this event is about? Let me tell you: it's about people, happiness, multiculturality, acceptance and unique feelings.

The Parade . . . It's an event that can't be described in words but in feelings, emotions and happiness. Be part of the ISWinT vibe!

P.S. there's an easter egg in the text.

ISWinT Olympics

During the hot summer days a water fight sounds very tempting, don't you think? If the answer is "yes", then you will find the Olympics a real delight!

We will prepare a lot of fun games and contests for you so get ready! Choose your team and let's transform the backyard of the college dorms into our playground!

Also, you should find a "weapon" that suits you the best. Will you choose the water gun or the water balloons?

Let the fun begin and don't forget: everybody is a winner!

Ready to be a part of ISWinT 2022?

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