Liga AC

The Students’ League of the Faculty of Automation and Computers

Liga AC, is a student NGO which was founded in 1990 with the purpose of fighting for the educational rights of the students, from the Faculty of Automation and Computers from Politehnica University of Timișoara.


Liga AC’s volunteers never stop developing the organisation, which is why, today, Liga AC is one of the most evolved student NGO in Romania, having over 6 big projects which are organised annually and many more activities dedicated to students and others.


One significant moment in the growth of Liga AC, was the moment when the daring volunteers decided to make an international student conference right here, in Timișoara. Starting with that moment, the dream about ISWinT became a reality that still lasts nowadays.


Involved also at a national level, Liga AC is a founding member of ANOSR (the National Alliance of Student Organisations in Romania), the national federation which represents the common interest of students from Romania. The general meeting in which ANOSR was formed took place in ISWinT 1999, where 28 student NGOs met. ANOSR is now affiliated with ESU - European Students' Union.


Liga AC is also a member of the Timiş County Youth Foundation (FITT - Fundația Județeană pentru Tineret Timiș), whose Youth House was the first from Romania to receive The Council of Europe Quality Label for Youth Centres.


ANOSR and FITT are both part of The Youth Council of Romania (CTR - Consiliul Tineretului din România), which is part of a platform of youth organisations  in Europe, called the European Youth Forum (YFJ).


Some of Liga AC’s projects:

RoboTEC (RoboT Engineering Contest) is an international competition organised with the support of teachers and IT&C companies, which aims to improve the participants’ skills of creating, programming and testing an autonomous robot that complies to the rules of the challenges they want to take part in.


iTEC (IT Engineering Contest) is a contest with the main purpose of improving students’ IT knowledge gained during university. They have the possibility to compete in software, hardware and design competitions, which change every year and bring new challenges.


Liga AC LABS (Applied Laboratories in the Benefit of the Students) is a project that provides our students the opportunity to interact with different IT&C companies from Timișoara. Those companies hold specialized laboratories which are meant to teach the participating students how to practically apply the knowledge they have from the university.


Liga AC also organises Chess Contest, supporting students involved in extracurricular activities and contests. Students who are passionate about the well-known sport are encouraged to take part in the competition and test their strategies against each other.


Other two projects have been created in order to promote the university center of Timișoara.  Comoara Ligii AC (Liga AC’s Treasure) is a project aimed towards student organisations affiliated to ANOSR which wishes to make the participants explore the beautiful city of Timișoara together, by challenging them to an impressive treasure hunt.