Political Ideas

Title: Political Ideas (How to rule the world?)

Key Words: Politics, Government, Power, Rule, Organization, State, Law, Determination

Why choose this workshop?

You have a good idea or no idea at all about the myriad of ways that people used to rule themselves over time? Do you want to know more about it?
Maybe you want to rule the world and you want to know what skills to hone in order to be a good ruler.You know some of the good and some of the bad in each form of governing. And all both good and bad.
You feel that perhaps you can do a little better then whatever there is on the market. Either by bringing the good from all in one form (that still makes sense), or by coming up with something completely new and revolutionary, join us!

Number of participants: 10 – 15


In this we are going to explore various forms that people used to organize, rule and lead themselves throughout the ages. Monarchies, authoritarian regimes, democracies, anarchy, republics, federations, empires, we’re going to talk a bit about all of them.
How did the laws work, who established them, what were the core values of these ideologies? What good did they bring to the table? What made them bad or worse, what problems still plague the ones that survived? What makes them work, regardless of their shortcomings?
We will explore and debate all of these details and at the end, we will try to gather all the good that we can from all of them and come up with a better way to rule us all! …Or we’ll come up with something entirely different and revolutionary. Vive la révolution!

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