Title: Photography

Key words: Photograph, Snap, Say Cheese, Shot

Why would you choose this workshop?

Do you have an artistic spirit and you like to express yourself, your feelings and your emotions through pictures? Join us!
Come and learn the basics of photography, or, if you already have some skills, deepen your knowledge and gain some more here, in Timişoara, a historical city where the old and new blend beautifully.


During this workshop, you will learn the basics of photography or improve your skills. You’ll learn how to set your camera, how to frame your subject, how to find the perfect angle in order to take the perfect shot. You’ll take photographs both inside and outside, in different lighting conditions and to both steady and moving subjects.
You will also discuss different pictures to learn about photographs’ quality. For participation, it is required to have a DSLR camera or a camera with the Manual function, at least.

Number of participants: 10 - 15

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