Title: Gastronomy

Key Words: Traditional food, Flavor, Delicious

Why choose this workshop?

Is your stomach proud of you? If not, now you have the perfect occasion to make it happy. This workshop will teach you a few basic techniques in the cooking art. If you have some experience, though, don’t miss the chance to perfect you skills! How? You will learn to cook and you will taste traditional dishes of different cultures, getting to know your new friends a little bit better.

Number of participants: 10-15


Hobby or burden, pleasure or necessity, cooking is part of everyone's life. Why not transform it into a pleasant and interesting experience with every meal prepared? In this workshop you will learn how to properly use kitchen utensils, how to either emphasize or balance various flavors and how to cook delicious menus using only basic groceries. Also, this workshop will take you on a journey through the famous cuisines of the world, learning from each class how to prepare a main course and a dessert, specific to various cultures.

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