Why judge?

Why come here?
We like to believe that we're open-minded, that we can get over the differences between us and the ones we engage with, but do we really leave the stereotypes and prejudices aside when we meet someone from a different culture or with a different point of view? Come to this workshop to get to know the problems and difficulties minorities face all around the world and learn about concrete situations of discrimination and inequality they have to deal with on a daily basis. Learn how to speak to them, what makes them vulnerable and, hopefully, you'll become a little more understanding.
What's going to happen here?
Besides learning about the struggles of minorities, you will get the chance to engage in different discussions and debates regarding the subject. Here you will encounter people from various backgrounds, with different opinions, upbringings and perspectives, but with a common wish - to be understood, not judged; people beside whom you'll feel you can truly change the world and make it a better place.