Market your innovation

Have you ever had a game-changing idea but found yourself stuck on how to give it the spotlight it deserves? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this track: the essential steps in creating and marketing your innovation.

This track is not just about theory, it’s a hands-on experience where you collaborate with other participants, guided by experts, in order to solve real-world problems and kick-start a successful journey.

You'll get the chance to learn about the coolest breakthroughs that shaped the way we live today. But we won’t stop at history lessons because tech isn't just about gadgets, it's about understanding how your innovations fit into the big picture of the society.

You might be thinking, "I'm not into science but maybe marketing is my thing”. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a marketing maestro (or a bit of both), this track is designed for anyone with an interest in bringing scientific ideas to life.

Let's face it, turning a cool idea into reality involves more than just tech knowledge. In the exciting world of marketing, you're going to discover strategies to get your innovative ideas out there: creative brainstorming sessions, using digital platforms like a pro and getting the word out to your audience in the coolest way possible!

By the end of this marketing journey you will have to come up with an innovative idea and research for methods to implement it for a maximum impact.

Your idea takes center stage in this track, so let's make it shine brighter than ever!