Health and wellbeing

For the 30th edition of ISWinT,  we have renewed our "Health and Wellbeing" track, which is now focusing on both personal and community-level care. This track aims to give you a holistic understanding of health, covering stress management and emotional intelligence for personal development and deepening broader topics such as healthcare accessibility and system models for community impact.

Discover a journey that covers different dimensions of health, focusing on solutions to everyday challenges. From internal self-care practices to promoting accessible healthcare, we explore the full spectrum of wellbeing.

This track gives you the opportunity to find out more about personal development with stress management techniques and emotional intelligence skills. Learn to balance your life, communicate effectively and foster strong relationships. At the same time, participate in challenging discussions on the affordability of quality healthcare and explore different models of healthcare systems worldwide.

Your journey in this track leads to a discussion or presentation focused on solving a problem within the health and wellbeing domain. Be part of this transformative experience, contributing not only to personal development, but also to the betterment of communities.