Culture and its preservation

The track "Culture and Its Preservation” is dedicated to the vital importance of safeguarding our cultural identity. Our culture shapes our surroundings and experiences, and in this track, we deepen into its profound significance.

In order to understand why cultural preservation is vital, we will take a journey around the world, discussing what makes different cultures unique and exploring influences, traditions and values. 

The buildings seen in a city represent more than structures, the architectural design tells a story about the state of its home and the cultural influences of that time. We would like you to see the magic of some of the most famous historical buildings of Timisoara, so we will take you on a journey through the city, looking at buildings from different time periods, understanding the historical context behind them and seeing how different cultural elements were represented in the architectural choices.

Beyond the architecture of the buildings, the culture of a city is reflected also in its general planning and design, which is why we will discuss the role of urbanism in preserving and highlighting the culture of a cityAdditionally we will look into the impact of tourism, how a country can benefit from sharing the magic of its culture and history, but also the risks that may come along the way. 

The culture that surrounds us while growing up has a huge impact on our identity and sense of self as adults. Knowing where we come from helps us understand where we are headed to, and being exposed to different cultures than our own helps us see the world through different eyes and connect with people from other countries. 

Everything you have learned so far comes together in a cultural preservation strategy that can be applied to your community. 

Prepare for an insightful journey where you can discover different sides of human culture, celebrating diversity and nurturing a shared appreciation for our collective heritage.