Unleash your inner dancer

Why would you come?
Dancing is a way to get to know people, to relax yourself, as well as a method of getting out of your comfort zone and increasing your self confidence. Also, dancing is a way to express your feelings without being judged by those around you. Even if you don’t know how to dance yet, you'll meet new people that are passionate about it and happy to teach you, so... Come&join the party!
What’s going to happen? 
Obviously, this is a workshop about having fun - lots of it! You will forget about everything that’s on your mind for a few hours. Enjoying the music and living every beat, your worries will go away in dance steps. You'll learn not only steps, but also how to improvise and adapt to your partner and his/her dancing style. In the end, you will leave with some great memories, new friends, some dance moves that will put you in the spotlight at any time, some burnt calories and twice as much time spent partying than anyone at the festival!