Improv Theater

He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Informatics from the Politehnica University Timișoara. He repeated the second year and started working in the field since his third year. He was fired once, works as a freelancer in the mobile development field and has not worked for more than 2 years in the same place, because he needs change and diversity. He started with improvisation in the fall of 2015 via Toastmasters and had his first show with his band in August 2016.


1. He traveled by himself in West Africa.

2. He traveled to Timbuktu.

3. He does not like sports but he ran mountain marathons.

4. He likes to talk about aberrations.

5. He is introverted and he used to have stage fright.

6. Usually he does not talk too much (except when he is smoking).

7. He has a driving license, but he hates to drive.

8. He lived 2 years in Berlin but he likes it more in Timișoara.

9. He has no patience to learn traditionally, he wants to do things his own way.