Youth’s Startup

He helps companies find the most effective ways to grow and attract new customers. He has a 4 year experience in digital marketing and in 2015 he founded SMARTERS, the first Growth Hacking marketing agency in Romania, being one of the main promoters of this concept in Romania. Applying the principles of growth hacking, he has managed to grow the SMARTERS team from 0 to 6 people in just a few months since launching and to collaborate with 30+ local, national and international clients in the first year of activity. He participates as a speaker at the main business and marketing events in the country and contributes to several business publications. He believes entrepreneurship is much harder than anybody can imagine, that’s why any presentation about entrepreneurship starts by discouraging those who are interested.

1. His favorite dish is pancakes.
2. He found his goal in life at the age of 23.
3. He spends at least 30 minutes daily reading about marketing and the latest news in this field.
4. His secret dream is that SMARTERS has its own building where they can do their work.
5. Am I the only one who showers with cold water?
6. The biggest impact on his personal and professional development was his 5 years of volunteering when he was in university.