Iszabella TAKAS

Intro to Marketing

She is coming to you with 15 years of experience in marketing and communication, during which she practiced different aspects of marketing and gained new experiences. She has had the opportunity to organize hundreds of events and trainings. What she is the most grateful for is that over the last few years she has managed to overcome the fear of public speaking and of being in the spotlight, moving from the planning and organization stage to the actual support of the trainings.


She wants to help people discover useful information and put it into practice. Why?

Just to help other people. Who is she?

She is a human. A human with defects and qualities, who likes traveling in the big world or traveling in books, who likes to meet both real people and characters from books or movies and learn from each of them. She is a human who wants to gain new knowledge and experiences and to help other people by sharing her knowledge and experience.


1. She likes to play with her cats and not only.

2. She likes to cook and try foods specific to the places where she travels.

3. AAAH... and do not forget about sweets.