Irksousi Mohamed

Unleash your inner dancer
Say ”Hi!” to Irksousi Mohamed, one of the trainers for the ”Unleash your inner dancer” workshop. A simple but complex person, student of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at the Western University, he is 24 years old and he has a dance school.
One of his dreams is for the world to reach a sense of reason and understanding focused on guidance and good behavior... Why? Because much is said about where we are that we want to be better, but the problem is all of us, human beings, who have removed ourselves from the true meaning of the word. He is a person with a plan, he likes to be careful about the details…
For him everything is simple, everything has a meaning and really nothing is wasted. He likes to help people, to get involved in their personal development.
He says he is creative, sociable, open to suggestions, straightforward, funny and serious, serious and funny and ... natural ... Why does he say he is natural? You'll see when you’ll meet.