Capture the Moment

He was born on January 8th, 1989 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He moved to Bijeljina where he finished high school and The Faculty of Economics. He started doing photography during high school. As a student he used to travel often and in one of his journeys he found himself in Macedonia, Ohrid Lake. His path as a photographer began there when he took a photo of the sunset above the lake. Two years later he had his first exhibition entitled “Journey into Twilight”.


His journey in the arts and photography domain continued for another 2 years while being the student of the academic photographer Miloš Dumić. As a result, Dejan had two more exhibitions.


Boundaries of Bijeljina became too small so, four years ago, he went to Norway thanks to the European Union scholarship programme where he perfected his talent. He brought Europe
home because his fourth exhibition was financed by British Council and the theme was “Social Justice”.


In 2014, he was a moderator for the Photography workshop during International Student Week in Belgrade (ISWiB) whose big theme was “Sinergy for Change”, his goal being to teach the students to “Capture the Smile”.


Not long ago he has started, along with a couple of friends, an informal group of photography, graphic design and music production, called “Creative Mind”.


In 2013, Dejan found himself interested in video production. Besides street photography, his second favorite is fashion photography.