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Today we are introducing Daniel Cheregi, head chef at Merlot Restaurant Timi?oara where he is responsible of everything that comes out of the kitchen, from conception to execution. His passion for culinary arts started 18 years ago and it only grew bigger with time, so did his desire to learn more and better himself. Knowledge, continuous development and a lot of passion - those are the ingredients he uses in his recipe of success and, this summer, he will be sharing them with you!The secret is to love what you are doing. Working in a kitchen means creativity, passion and knowledge. You are always faced with new challenges and it’s no easy task to hold an entire team together since every person is different. Each person has different desires, different needs and overall, a different perspective on life. Some want a career, some care more about the financial part, some want it all. Some know more, some know less. The challenge is to help them rise to the same level, form a team and hold it together