Traditional arts and crafts

What's going to happen here?
Even if the entire planet is affected by globalisation nowadays, we hope that values and traditions will never be forgotten. “Mărţişor, colinde, ouă încondeiate, superstiţii, călușari, mucenici, ie” - If you haven’t heard about these things before, you have now the opportunity to find out their meaning. Designed for people from various cultures, but who are willing to learn about what makes Romania, well... Romania, this workshop will teach you more about the traditions of the people from the carpathian-danubian-pontic space, traditions that are passed from one generation to another.
Why come here?
Maybe you've had contact with Romanians and liked them, maybe you've heard about some traditions or maybe you don't have a clue about what Romanian culture implies, but if you are eager to find out more about it, this workshop is the one for you. We assure you that "boring" isn’t one of the words which describe our nation, so bring a big smile and have your jokes with you, 'cause this week is gonna be a very merry one!