Speaking Mastery

Key words: speech, ideea, concept, convey, present
Why choose this workshop?
Have you ever wanted to give a speech in front of a crowd but you were afraid that you were not capable of such a thing?
Have you dreamed of being able to lay out your thoughts and opinions with which you could influence and motivate the masses, just like the great leaders of the world?
Then this is the workshop for you. Alongside your fellow group mates and guided by a specialized trainer, you will end up gaining the skills that will turn you into a true toastmaster.
Come and see for yourself!
This workshop is destined to persons who want to learn what it truly means to give a speech, to develop  critical thinking and self-analysis, by observing the public reactions to the speech. They will attain skills such as techniques for grabbing attention and body language, which will allow them to stay calm in front of a crowd and convey their message with impact and certitude.
Also they will find out about the subtleties which hide behind a successful speech and the way in which they can make use of them.
Good to have: Willingness to learn new things, attention, courage.
Quote„Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel ”- Ralph Waldo Emerson