Rethink through education

What’s going to happen here?
Each of us is part of an educational system that does not please everybody and we want to improve it. Precisely this is why in this workshop we want to design a new universal educational system, as close to perfect as it can be. We aim to build it based on all the good ideas we find in each educational system - you may find out not everybody finds the same concepts to be good. We'll have a top-down approach, getting into each detail, finding out what bothers each us and what the best compromise is.
Why come here?
By taking part in this workshop, you can learn more about educational systems and hierarchies in other countries and how they've been implemented there. You can also learn how to improve systems and learning abilities, also, by taking inspiration from other countries' educational systems and today's society's needs. Maybe you'll go on and militate for some of the ideas you'll generate here and one day you'll live to see them make an improvement in your country!