Shine Your Own Light

This year's edition main topic

Welcome to the vibrant celebration of social diversity at ISWinT, with the theme for this year's anniversary edition being "Shine Your Own Light." This captivating theme is designed to inspire self-confidence and is intricately linked to the element of "light" and the rich history of our city.

As we commemorate the 140th anniversary of Timisoara becoming the first electrically illuminated city in Europe in 2024, the symbolism of light takes on a profound significance. Just as the city once illuminated the night sky, casting away darkness, "Shine Your Own Light" encourages each individual to embrace their uniqueness and radiate their brilliance to the world.

Beyond the historical ties, light also symbolizes the essence of human culture and innovation. In this special edition of the festival, our focus extends beyond presenting and preserving diverse cultures. We are enthusiastic about fostering an environment that stimulates creativity and welcomes innovative ideas, especially among the student community.

Join us in this celebration of light, diversity, and innovation at the heart of Timisoara. Let your unique brilliance shine, and together, let us illuminate the path towards a future enriched by cultural understanding and creativity. Welcome to a festival where every single one of you is encouraged to "Shine Your Own Light" and contribute to the ever-evolving story of our multicultural community.