The Main Topic - Reunite. Rebuild. Restart.

ISWinT 2022 is based around the reunion, rebuilding and restarting of the post-pandemic society, the main topic of this year!

For 28 years, ISWinT has promoted the union of people from all over the world. This year we chose the theme “Reunite. Rebuild. Restart” to emphasize our intentions through this festival. Last years were tough for all of us due to the pandemic situation in the world, which made us put boundaries between us and have different difficulties in creating relationships and communication. We decided to enlarge this concept into the festival's theme because we believe it is important to enlarge the horizons of retrying to restructure society. 

A festival that reunites each year dozens of students from different countries and cultures should have already achieved this goal. But what we intend to do is to encourage our participants to inspire others in making a difference. Influencing others to become better people is what most of our participants already do. Still, we want to provide them with special training and experiences that they can only live during ISWinT so that their knowledge becomes richer.

2022 can be the year in which we make a difference. Apply for ISWinT and become the inspiration that others are looking for. Together we are stronger!

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