The Main Topic - Global Challenges, Community Solutions

ISWinT 2021 is based around Global Challenges, Community Solutions - the main topic of this year!

From its beginning, ISWinT proposed to unite young people, from around the world, in order to identify, understand and find solutions to their local problems using each other's experiences and knowledge as a starting point.

Since last year's events thought us that there are all sorts of problems around the world and we can't solve them all of a sudden, like magic, it is time for us to ask ourselves: " What can we do?" As the young generation, we can let our creativity, civic spirit, ambition, and goodwill guide us into taking initiative. We can lead by example and our every day's actions can make a difference around us, in our community.

By helping community by community to solve the challenges they confront, in time, we can solve global problems. This year we decided to remind everyone how important this aspect is so we chose the theme Global Challenges, Community Solutions.

2021 is said to be the year of new beginnings, new chances and it's high time for our generation to unite and help to shape the better tomorrow we all dream of. Apply for ISWinT and be the solution for the challenges we are facing. Together we make the difference! Let's ISWinT the world together!