Workshops ISWinT 2019

Our workshops are an amazing opportunity to get more knowledge about a field that you find interesting and useful. We are offering you the chance to meet some well prepared, highly inspiring trainers which are not only going to help you develop your abilities in a certain field, but they will also make you have an enjoyable educational experience by using non-formal methods. Do not miss the chance to take part in one of the 8 workshops that you can attend this year! Are you curious what this year's workshops will have to offer?

#1: Connecting International Structures with Students
"Connecting International Structures with Students" is the workshop that gives you an insider for the international structures' activity, their concerns and how they come up with solutions and also what it takes for YOU to join them as a fully recognized member.

#2: Gender Equality
By joining the “Gender Equality” workshop you will find out how you can achieve complete fairness in the working field and not only. Learning about how other people are treated, well or badly, can help you figure out how you need to tackle the situation.

#3: Inclusive Societies
At the “Inclusive Societies” workshop, you will learn about your rights to be a respected person in a modern society. It is your chance to step up! You won't be hiding anymore. You won't be left out anymore.

#4: Information&Constructive Dialogue
"The Information and Constructive Dialogue" workshop is made for teens who are lost in this huge mass of misinformation and half-truths. Get ready to learn how to filter the information you come upon!

#5: Mental Health and Wellbeing
High stress, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses are becoming more and more frequent among young people all over the world, but don’t worry, at this workshop we’ll learn how to help each other and make people's paths easier.

#6: Quality Employment
With employment having such a strong influence over people’s well-being, it’s important that jobs being offered to people are of a certain quality. If your future job concerns you, this workshop is definitely going to sound interesting for you.

#7: Quality Learning
“Quality learning” enables students to fail at things – and learn the lessons from those failures. This is how we develop our critical thinking skills to ensure that we are part of a lifelong learning journey.

#8: Student Organizations and International Programmes
By working for international student organization and international programmes you can gain valuable practical experiences. This workshop aims to introduce you into the world of volunteering and its impact of the student life.

This is just a short description of our workshops. Click on the link below for more information:

We are sure that one of this year’s workshops will suit you!