SOrCE meeting

The weekend between January 18th and January 21st, ISWinT hosted for the first time the annual Student Organizing Conventions Everywhere (SOrCE) meeting with the help of Politehnica University Timisoara and the non-governmental organization that organizes ISWinT, Liga AC. SOrCE is a European network of international student festivals, including ISWinT (International Student Week in Timisoara). The meeting took place in the Timis County Youth Foundation, where the international students each presented the festival they represented.

The festivals part of the SOrCE network are GrIStuF, ISWI, ISWiB, ISFiT, ISWinT and SCiM. ISFiT, ISWI and GrIStuF take place every two years, and the rest take place each year. ISFiT and ISWI will be this year, and GrIStuF will be held next year. More information on these six festivals can be found on the SOrCE webpage. Since 2015, the previous events have been held in Ilmenau (Germany) and Trondheim (Norway).

In this meeting, we discussed the platform on which information is stored (Wikipedia), a more accurate communication and collaboration plan between these festivals and 2 possible new members (a Tunisian festival, ISWiT, and one in Pakistan, ISWIP, both festivals that will have their first edition taking place this year).

To break the formal discussion routine, the participants of this meeting took a tour of the Timişoara Center, visited our University and Liga AC’s headquarters.