About this year's theme: Learn today, change tomorrow!

Discover the world, discover yourself - make a change to yourself, make a change to the world. This sums up the stages of human progress. Where do you find yourself at?

ISWinT festival is all about people and connections, therefore our aim is to make both our participants and organizers better persons. How can this be accomplished? “Learn today, change tomorrow” is the theme for this edition, an invitation for improvement through learning, education, practice and self-discipline. It emphasizes how much self-development can impact our world within a short period of time.

We live in the century of speed - the world is more connected than ever before, so information and vibes are traveling all across the globe in no time. Motivational speeches can be heard in any country, heart warming deeds are being watched by thousands of people and everyone is kept up to date by the breaking news. Unfortunately, that means the essential information for our personal development may be lost in the ocean of fake researches, generic articles you’ve read tens of times or average speakers who recycle the ideas of the true experts that fell into obscurity, therefore the most credible source of information is the person in front of you, the one you got to know significantly better than a random blogger on the internet.

Everything you learn, should have a purpose for you and your self-development, because that’s what will most likely make you feel happy and fulfilled. But that’s not the end of it. Happiness, same as love, is meant to be shared, therefore once you think you have achieved happiness, give yourself a moment and think about sharing it with others. And by others, we mean a bit more than just your friends and family, who already celebrated your achievements with you. We encourage you to take the next leap and bring the great change into the world.

Maybe you’ve been thinking just like us: “why are things the way they are in our society and on our planet - unfortunate, discouraging, heartless at times, even savage?”. Maybe you’ve come up with some explanations and solutions as well, but...something was missing: “who exactly will make those changes happen?”. Certainly, there are the small things that each one of us can do to save the planet and improve the life quality for us and other living beings like recycling and reducing our waste, more kindness and compassion towards other people and animals as well or nurturing relationships and values. However, this is just the basic criteria required for the great change we all have been waiting.

The aim of this edition of ISWinT is not only to raise awareness regarding the problems that some countries or the world itself go through, but even come up with real solutions based on our trainers’ experience and knowledge in the domain they will talk about during the workshops. You will learn through non-formal education methods how to apply those solutions in your own country and take part of the change you want to see!

Join us this summer in ISWinT and start your journey towards a new brighter future for the world we love and share! Learn today, change tomorrow!