About ISWinT 2018

Last year’s edition was a special one because we celebrated the 25th edition. 25 has always been a special number because it represents a quarter. We are really proud to announce that our festival has survived for a quarter of a century and a lot has already been changed and improved. In 2018 we tried to make a summary of everything the former organizers did in all this time, through our theme: ReThink! We encouraged students around the globe to make a change in the world by reconsidering the way they look at life.

As students, we wanted to create a festival that could be both educational and fun. And we think we succeeded provided the fact that even our former participant, Bianca, confirms: “What I enjoyed most about ISWinT is the balanced program: There is time for workshops, a variety of fun activities and surprises, parties, excursions, free walking tours and – most importantly - free time to enjoy the beautiful city of Timisoara with your new friends.”

Romania has always been such a small and not so powerful country, but that does not mean that it is not beautiful. Very many people fell in love with the city of Timisoara, the food, the traditions and maybe even the people. Here are just a couple of examples: “During my workshop I had the opportunity to gain an insight into Romania’s art and culture: we painted on glass, learned typical stitching patterns and studied different choreographies.” (Bianca Jankowski), ” This was like a journey to Narnia, a thrilling experience which left a print on my heart. It's a totally different world you're drowning in with pleasure. you're losing the sense of time and reality and just live this moments trying to catch every second and every smile.” (Veronica Bezdrighin).

Because people have already had misconceptions about our country we decided that it was time to break all those rumours about all the countries. The workshops helped us a lot because they tackle some of the problems in our society. During those talks, you may have found out that you are not alone and that only together we can make a change. ISWinT has always brought people together and make them become friends: “I want to send this to all of my ISWinT friends living in Costa Rica, India, Yemen, Germany, Romania, Italy and many-many other countries and tell them that they have an Armenian friend living thousands of kilometers away from them, who is always ready to cook tasty harisa for them and give as much Armenian smoked cheese and dried fruit sweets as they want.” (Mariam Ghushchyan)

You may for sure not believe us if we tell you how cool ISWinT is but maybe you will reconsider coming when you hear the very kind words that the former ISWinTers have spoiled us with. Even the organisers that had their first ISWinT in 2018 were fascinated by how wonderful it was: “The fact that we were all gathered in the same place, at the same time, with mostly the same interests but with diffrent backgrounds and cultures was unique. You cannot describe ISWinT. You can only feel it.” -says one of them.

This was only a summary of the 2018 chapter. Are you ready to write together with us the 2019 one?