Application Info

  1. See if you are available during the festival period (22nd of July - 2nd of August).
  2. Choose 3 workshops that drew your attention and you would like to attend to. You can find this year's workshops here:
  3. Go to our website ( and hit the “Register Now” button, or go directly to
  4. Fill out the application form carefully with your personal data. That data has to be 100% correct and accurate. It will be used if you need a visa and for other materials during the festival so check it twice before you hit submit!
  5. You will get an email after maximum 3-4 weeks since your submission, even if you get past this part or not, so check your email regularly!
  6. If you get past this part, you will get information in your email about the Skype interview.
  7. In less than one week since you had the interview, you will get the final response, whether you are accepted or not to our festival.
  8. After that, you will have to confirm your spot to our festival. (more information regarding this matter will be given via email).
  9. After the confirmation period has ended, we will send you the final workshop repartition.
  10. You will get further information about the festival by email so please respond to them if you want to come to the festival.


*Respond frequently to our emails.
*Make sure the submitted data is correct and accurate.