Trance Diving - The Power of Hypnotic Communication

Title: Trance Diving – The power of hypnotic communication

Key Words: Self-discovery, Personal development, Communication 

Why choose this workshop?

Are you interested in learning the secrets of communication? This is your chance to learn all about it.

This is a fun and interactive workshop that will help you discover all how to communicate like an expert and how to deliver a message that will be understood exactly as you want.

In this workshop you will be able to enjoy the positive hypnotic effects of communication, so you shouldn’t be surprised when you will find yourself diving into a trance during this experience.

Number of participants:  10 – 15


Are our participants ready for a unique and unforgettable experience at this year’s ISWinT? This year’s NLP workshop will not only be incredibly fun and interactive, but it will give them deep insights into how our brains are designed to process information. They will learn how to communicate like true experts, discover how to use their voice to make a powerful impact, and will start to uncover the secrets of influence and persuasion.

In this workshop they will also learn how to engage both the conscious mind and the unconscious mind when they communicate with others. They will experience the art of storytelling and learn how to use metaphors to deliver messages in a powerful way.

And did I mention trance diving? They will be able to enjoy the positive hypnotic effects of communication, both as the persons experiencing it and as the persons guiding it. They should not be surprised when they find themselves diving into trance states during this experience.

This workshop will be lead by Dorin Săndulescu – trainer, coach and NLP Master Practitioner – with the assistance of Ivaylo Ivanov, former president of AIESEC Sofia, highly skilled communicator and leader.

Trainer information:

Name: Dorin Săndulescu