Shadow Theatre

Title: Shadow theatre

Key Words: Shadow, Landscape, Theatre, Gestures, Dance 

Why choose this workshop?

You always think that a picture is worth a thousand words ? Do you want to find more ways to express yourself ? Do you want to let your imagination flow ?

At Shadow theatre workshop you will find everything you need. Express yourself in more ways than you can imagine: actions, pictures ,gestures, all combined with a powerful storyline. You will recreate an emotional or ancient story in different ways with the help of our specialized trainer.

Number of participants:  10 – 15


The fascination of shadows is the basis of this workhop where you can learn the techniques of shadow theatre. Colourful sea creatures can be created by cutting and assembling simple shapes, without the need for advanced drawing skill or delicate cutting ability. You will create the story, the caracters and the setting of their own tale and then project it with the help of spotlights.

A partial blackout is sufficient.

Trainer information:

Name: Marina Nicolici