Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in Social Sciences

Title: Qualitative and quantitative research methods in social sciences

Key Words: Research, Social Science, Focus Group, Survey, Interview

Why choose this workshop?

“I believe young people should understand how their governments and other policy makers shape their actions and why do they make decisions the way they do. Because they listen to social scientists who are the people holding true knowledge about any society’s problems.” – Andrija VIŠIĆ (Workshop Trainer)

Number of participants: 6 – 10


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read that a new discovery was made in Psychology, Anthropology or some other social science? Are you curious about how the discovery actually happened or what is it about, or both?

Every scientific research in Psychology, Sociology, Economics or any other field in social sciences is conducted by using a research method. These methods vary from research to research and are not the same as ones used in natural sciences. One knows that surveys are great for examining the attitudes of hundreds of people at once, but deep structured interviews are inevitable if you want to examine the social relations in a small community of people. If you would like to see which product on the candy bar market is loved by people the most, you must use focus groups for better understanding. You also need a balanced sample of people willing to give their time for scientific purposes.

These are some of the qualitative and quantitative methods which this workshop will explain. Almost all institutional policies, regulations and legislation today come from the results of these kinds of research, so it is important for any young person to understand how these methods are used and how the results are interpreted because those results are used not always for good.

Trainer information:

Name: Andrija VIŠIĆ

Experience:  Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Zagreb Faculty)

Contact information: Andrija.visic@gmail.com, Andrija.visic@kah.hr