Title: Photography

Key Words: Photos, Pictures, Landscape, Photoshop, Editing, Quality, Camera

Why choose this workshop?

The easiest way to immortalize a special moment in your life or something you want to remember is by taking a picture.

Still there are a lot of things to take in count in order to obtain the best quality, and all of this you are going to learn at this workshop, that also includes field trips to put your skills into practice and Photoshop sessions.

Number of participants:  10 – 15


This year, the photography workshop will be about Portrait Photography. This is a very important category of photography, especially these days, with so many pictures taken for sharing on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram, not to mention that some portraits have changed the course of history. If you are to take a portrait and maybe share it on Facebook, why not make it a great one? During the workshop you will learn about the following :

1) What makes a great portrait – we will take a look at some great portrait pictures and discuss them, looking at what makes them great and draw some conclusions .

2) Introduction in photography – we’ll talk about the technical part of photography: shutter speed, aperture, ISO. The balance between these settings and how to do the correct settings depending on the picture you’re taking and the light available.

3) Know your camera – we will discuss the technical capabilities of your camera, so by the end of the workshop you’ll know how to best set your camera in order to take the picture you want and not the picture your camera wants to take.

4) Taking the picture – we’ll be taking portrait pictures of a model. Everybody will get to take pictures based on what we’ve discussed and try to get that great portrait. After taking the pictures, we’ll look at all the pictures and analyze them, talk about them and draw some conclusions.

5) Editing/Photoshop – every photographer will try to take the picture that needs no editing. Very few actually manage to do that, therefore almost all the photographs you see today are edited, some more, some less. The editing must always enhance the image your camera took and make the picture on the screen or paper to look as close as possible to the picture you had in mind. You will be introduced to the basics of Photoshop and we will practice the editing capabilities of Photoshop on the pictures you took.

Trainer information:

Name: George Miheş