Title: Handmade

Key Words: Construction, Plastic, Copper, Materials, Decoration.

Why choose this workshop?

Do you want to make use of your creativity? Do you see every single object as a part of a bigger puzzle meant to beautify your life?

Then this year’s handmade workshop is all that you need. You will learn to apply your imagination in ways you could only think of.

Number of participants:  10 – 15


This is the urban artisans corner, where the participants can explore the art of handcrafting various jewels or different decorations on their own.

This kind of activity is suitable for those who want to overcome routine, to do something to set them apart from the rest and especially to create original, interesting and eco-friendly decorations.

At the end of this workshop each participant will have learned the art of designing and creating their own stuff made out of the most unconventional materials. The only thing that they have to bring along is their creativity. Each article will be unique, clearly representing the personality of those who created them.

Many skills, such as wool felting, knitting, sewing, carving, knotting, painting, folding, origami, will hold no more mysteries, as those who participate slowly uncover and build, little by little, a centerpiece which can be representative to this year’s edition of ISWinT.

Trainer information:

Name: Alina Suciu