Conscious Self Management

Title: Conscious Self Management

Key Words: Stereotypic patterns, Limiting beliefs, Communication, Yourself & Subconscious Mind, Motivation, Self Development, Visualisation, Inner Child, Inner Critic

Why choose this workshop?

Do you feel like reconnecting with yourself, loosing contact with your internal wisdom? Do you think you can work on your personal skills and talents so you can improve your life and change some unfavourable habits?

Conscious self management is the right workshop for you. It will take you on a journey throughout your life and teach you how to improve different aspects of your personal lifestyle.

Number of participants:  10 – 15


This workshop will take you for an inner journey where you will meet your habits started in the past, limiting and supporting beliefs, your inner critic, coach and inner child – voice of soul and reasonable brain judgment. There will be a lot of fun while performing different tasks in small groups… Workshops are practical and aim to supply you with basic and key information regarding your talents, professional skills, strengths, passions and the awareness of what your calling is  (in harmony with yourself) to achieve your best in private and business spheres of your life.

You will learn to distinguish the situations when you perform in a stereotypic pattern, taken from school, home or from people who used to be authorities for you, which recedes you from your goals. You will find out what you can gain when making conscious, responsible decisions in your life. You will get some hints and tools to plan your goals according to SMART rule and practice that. You will learn best motivation principles, building your self-esteem at the same time. . . as … the rest of your life starts today! There will be also a part dedicated to visualization techniques and the communication with your subconscious mind. You will use them for planning the future in a positive way and for achieving set goals.

Trainer information:

Name: Katarzyna Socha

Experience:  Certified Trainer (Communication, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Trainings, iSelf Development, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, Mind Mapping). Psychologist and Educator fascinated in unlimited possibilites of our minds. In my workshops I treat human comprehensively, combining mind, body and emotions.

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