Alternative Design

Title: Alternative Design

Key Words: Nonconformism, Recycling, Imagination, Creativity.

Why choose this workshop?

Are you creative? Do you see everything around you in a different light? You want to learn new ways of designing objects – unique and rule-free?
Then you are looking for an interactive way to apply your imagination. Well, here you have the perfect environment to do so. In order to escape our daily routine and let our imagination work, we bring to you the “Alternative Design” workshop, in which you will learn how innovation and practice can be combined to create a physical embodiment of your ideas.

Number of participants: 10 – 15


At most courses we are usually taught about designs that follow certain patterns or concepts, and this may not always produce the best results or personal satisfaction. In this workshop the participants will be able to put their ideas into practice and let their imagination decide how the object they want to create will look like.
No matter how unusual or complicated it looks, as long as it can be used in the original purpose of the idea, any designed object will be appreciated at its true value and potential.

Trainer information:

Name:  Eszter Peter