ISWinT 2014

Twenty years. Twenty glorious years. Each and every one of them with its own identity, its own theme, its own lessons. However, looking back, we’ve noticed the continuous need to grow. Not only for the festival itself, but for everyone involved in it.

In 2014 we strived to open the world’s eyes to a “New way of learning – Applied Imagination” – which was also the theme of the 21th edition of our festival.
This way, we wanted to change the way things are done, especially regarding education. It has even come to a point where it may be in danger of becoming something monotonous, even boring, simply because it is not done properly in some places around the world.

We wanted to show that learning can be fun, interactive, that there are more ways to approach an (apparently) ordinary subject, and make it be something extraordinary.
Everyone wants to leave something behind, one way or another. Whether it is an original short animation made in the “Stop Motion” workshop, or new concepts used to shape the young minds of our century through “Non-Formal Education”, the 2014 edition workshops aimed to put the participants in the perfect place to make it happen.

We want to help everyone escape the “in-the box” type of thinking and to actively seek out the various approaches that are available to us, if we just use our imagination.