Graphic Design

Key words: art, imagination, visual representation, colors, inspiration
Why choose this workshop?
Are you a creative person and an art enthusiast? Do you have a picture in your mind and you want to transforme it to pixels ? If the answer at those questions is “yes”, then we have a workshop to introduce you into the graphic “world”, but, at the same time, we offer you the opportunity to sharp your creative skills.
Graphic design is the art dedicated to the public which combines images, words and ideas. Each object around us has, or it may have, a designer behind it. So, “design is language making”, because every image, or even product, becomes a little universe for his spectator. In this workshop you can learn the basis for some of the most successful programs from the graphic design industry, as Adobe Packages or Illustrator.
Good to have: creativity, vision, passion, attention to details
Quote“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”(Neville Brody)