Frequently Asked Questions

I. Application

How can I apply?
You can find more information about the application process here: .
When is the registration deadline?
On the 15th of March 2018.
Who is allowed to participate?
If you are a student or *recent graduate, aged between 18 and 30 years old, you can definitely come!
*recent graduate = a participant that is a student when he or she applies to ISWinT but they have already graduated when ISWinT takes place.

II. Finance

How much do I have to pay for the festival?
120€ - check in and another 10€ deposit as a guarantee money that you will get back at the end of the festival if you do not damage anything.
What does the participation fee include?
The festival fee includes the accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, public transport, the entrance fee for all the events, a trip and all the needed materials for workshops.
Can I receive financial aid?
Unfortunately we cannot provide financial aid for the participants. We can provide you a letter of recommendation that may help you receive sponsorships.

III. Travelling

Do I need a visa?
Check out this page to find out:
If you need one, in order to get yours, apply here: 
Will I have to pay for the public transportation that I will be using in Timișoara?
No, the participation fee covers public transportation costs.

IV. Food and accommodation

When can I arrive and depart?
Arrival day is on the 23rd of July and departure day on the 2nd of August. You can arrive until 24th of July, but you will miss some of the events (e.g The Opening) so take that into consideration. Moreover, for the arrival day and the departure day we can only provide you accommodation, but for the rest of the festival’s period we will provide both food and accomodation.
Where will I stay during the festival?
All of the participants will be staying in the same building, together with the organisers, in a students' dorm at the campus.
What if I have food preferences or allergies?
Your food preferences are respected, no matter what. You can choose from:
  • Regular - it includes dishes that have ingredients from all of the 5 main groups of food: fruit, vegetables and legumes/beans, grain/whole grain/high cereals foods, meat & eggs and dairy products.
  • Vegetarian - it includes mostly all of the main groups of food, except for meat.
  • Vegan - it does not include meat, eggs, dairy products or any other animal ingredients. 
Will someone be waiting for me when I arrive?
A couple of organizers wearing ISWinT T-shirts and badges will be waiting for you at the airport/train station/bus station. In order for this to happen, you need to tell us the date and time (UTC+2 time zone) of your arrival.

V. Festival

Where is ISWinT organised?
ISWinT will take place in Timișoara, Romania.
What am I going to do during the festival?
We have a lot of activities and workshops for you. These are the workshops you can attend to:
  • Rethink through education 
  • Recycling is reviving
  • Healthy lifestyle 
  • How to be happy: for Dummies
  • Think while it’s free
  • Never be defenceless 
  • Cyber bullying
  • Restore humanity
  • Rethink your borders
  • Why judge?
  • Improvisational theatre
  • Let me show you a trick
  • Unleash your inner dancer 
  • Think. Rethink. Create
  • Traditional arts and crafts
  • Ways of expressing
  • I'm in my 20's, what now?
  • Graphic design
  • Everyday's hero
  • Help for free
And here are some of the activities:
  • Opening
  • ISWinT Parade
  • International Night 
  • Romanian Night
  • Olympics
  • Workshow
How many workshops may I attend to?
You can only attend one workshop from your choice list.
Do I get a certificate for the workshop I attend to?
At the end of the festival, if you didn't miss more than 1 workshop activity, you will get a certificate.
Do I need to bring a laptop?
No, you do not have to bring one.
Can I change my workshop?
No, you cannot. 
Is there anything special that I have to bring to the festival?
You should bring some traditional clothing/food/items from your country for specific events. You will get more information regarding this matter in a further e-mail after you have been accepted!
Are there any rules?
Yes, you will sign a contract at the check-in about some house rules but nothing out of the ordinary. You will be informed then. (eg: No smoking in the dorm. Do not break anything etc.).

VI. Others

How can I get in touch with other participants?
After the selection period ends, we will make a Facebook group and you will be given the link to it in the acceptance email.
How can I communicate with the organizers?
We will communicate with you by email. Please check your email on a regular basis and always confirm that you received your email and read it. We will periodically send you information so please don’t skip our emails and keep in touch with us.
How is the weather in Romania? What clothes will I need?
In July-August there are usually 20-35 °C (68-95 °F) . Bring your swimming suit, t-shirts and a jacket (for an unexpected cold day). You will receive more information regarding this matter in the info pack after the selection period has ended.
Will we have wi-fi?
Yes, you will have wi-fi at the check-in room.
Where can I find more information about Timișoara?
You can find more information about Timișoara here:
Can I change the information that I gave to you (Eg.: passport information, education information etc)?
Yes, you can change the given information. You may change it until you pass the first round of selection (when you get the acceptance mail and start scheduling your interview). From that point, the given information will start being used and any further modifications regarding those will not be taken in consideration. Therefore, please make sure you submit valid information.