Debate the World

Key words: society, problems, debate, ideas, communication.
Why choose this workshop?
Have you ever thought about society’s problems?
This workshop will give you the opportunity to make your beliefs known. 
It will challenge you to think outside the box and to face the problems that are currently affecting our society.
Together with people from around the world, you can try to find solutions to these issues. Moreover, by taking part in this workshop, you will learn how to give convincing arguments.
Come and see for yourself!
This workshop is for people who like speaking their mind. It is also a way to raise awareness about issues that threaten to change society as we know it. You will discuss controversial subjects and analyze the cause and effect of the recent changes in our world. Furthermore, you will find out how these problems are perceived across the globe.
The goal of  “Debate the world”  is to improve your ability of making logical and persuasive arguments, in addition to broadening your knowledge about the world we live in.
Good to have: critical thinking, open-mindedness, power of persuasion, perseverance, understanding