Aim. Zoom. Snap.

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter”
― Alfred Eisenstaedt



Theme: Photography

Key words: camera, photo, portrait, dynamic, zoom, creative, pictures, moment 

Number of participants: 10-15

Trainer: Oana VEDINAȘ



Does your camera take good shoots? Do you want to be a manipulator of light or a magician who can stop time?

We can teach you how to whisk people away and bring them back from places they never been or to show them adventures they have't imagined yet. Also, beside all that, you’ll learn how to set your camera, how to frame your subject, how to find the perfect angle in order to take the perfect shot. You’ll take photographs both inside and outside, in different lighting conditions and to both steady and moving subjects. So, bring your DSLR camera or a camera with the Manual function and let’s develop from the negatives together.