Public Speaking

Title: Public Speaking

Key words: Attitude, Persuasion, Coherence, Argumentation, Spontaneity

Why choose this workshop?

Have you ever needed to speak in front of a public, but you failed because you were nervous and afraid? Have you ever wondered how you could organize your discourse so that you can raise the attention of others?
In this workshop you will discover how a speech should be structured in order to be original and attractive. Also, you will learn how to control your fears, be natural and make as many people as you can believe in your ideas.

Number of participants:  10 – 15


During this workshop you will have the chance to get over your fear of speaking in public, or just to become a better orator.
You will have to go through different situations, in front of a public or facing an “adversary” , whom you will have to convince with your attitude, or the subject addressed at that moment.
Manipulation techniques, persuasion, secrets of a remarkable speaker, you will get the chance to go through all the stages of building a truly outstanding speech.

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