Title: Lobby

Key Words: Discursive techniques, Strategic skills, Persuasive, Communication, Imposing ideas.

Why choose this workshop?

Have you ever had problem sharing your ideas? Imposing them? Convincing people your idea is the best one?
Creative Lobbying, because that’s what we’re talking about, is an interactive workshop that increases your knowledge and practical skills on how to protect your rights and manipulate in creative and effective ways.

Number of participants: 10-15


Lobby gives the view on the process and all steps of preparation of any manipulation and advocacy action. Through different ways of exercise, group work, presentations, role plays, case studies, and videos, participants are getting to know a variety of approaches, strategies and creative tools for successful lobbying.
The map of powers and stakeholders, organization of effective meetings with politicians or other authorities, creating campaigns, using media, street actions and written lobbying, writing messages and finding strong arguments are just some of the topics that will be analyzed and discussed during the workshop.
By taking part in this workshop you will learn the best way to communicate, rightly state your opinions and, above all, you’ll learn how to get people to trust you and your opinions.

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