Everybody Lies

Title: Everybody lies

Key Words: Body language, Expressive, Lies.

Why choose this workshop?

The way we position our bodies, our facial expressions, our breathing, each motion of ours, one blink and even a little tremble … turns you into an opened book. The art of noticing and interpreting body language gives you insights into someone’s mind, revealing its underlying feelings and attitude.

Number of participants: 10 - 15


Develop your ability to read and understand body language cues of anyone, make yourself more aware of what people feel, how they perceive our own non-verbal signals and to understand ourselves better.
All of these will help you discover some useful facts and techniques that you can apply to find out when somebody is lying. The truth? Well, it’s very simple: everybody lies - little lies, big lies...they are all the same, but make sure you’ll  see between the lines and be one step ahead by interpreting one’s body language.

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