Debate the World

Ghiță has a strong communicational background (BA in journalism in Romania and an AP program related to Multimedia, Design and Communication in Denmark) and he is passionate about personal development using storytelling as a method for developing emotional intelligence.


With a large experience in the field of training courses and project writing, he got involved in the field of youth work more than 7 years ago. In Denmark, he has put the bases of an NGO dealing with discrimination and no hate speech and currently he is involved in developing European projects in several NGO’s, with Human Rights as a main topic.


In the last years he developed several national campaigns related to Human Rights and Man Rights Education, both at local and European level. Using different non-formal methods (theatre, dance, photography, graphics), he has focused on promoting Human Rights and Human Rights Education among young people. As examples of the campaigns developed, we mention the Hate Fighters project (European level), Promoting Tolerance and Human Rights (national campaign), Dare To Dream – Dare To Learn (national campaign).


He has a strong belief that there is a seed in every person, seed that needs to be nurtured in order for one to develop both personally and professionally and that learning is an ongoing process throughout our entire life.


His motto is: “everything you do, do it from the heart” and he has been following for the last few years.