Darius Iovănuț

How to be happy: for Dummies
Say ”Hi!” to Darius Iovănuț, the other trainer of the ”How to be happy: for Dummies” workshop. He is the person who does not like the drama, although we all like to get attention, to be popular.
In most cases, the first impression left to people was that of a self-moving, selfish, with tendencies of superiority and individualist; but he sees: the transgressor sometimes gives selfishness and with tendencies of superiority, maybe, but very few times or almost no individualist.
He likes to have people around him because he believes life without people is monotonous.
He is a normal person, he is an altruist, maybe he speaks too much and too loud, he is a normal person, so he has vices, but what he does, he does with devotement and involvement.