Video Contest

Hello ISWinTers,


We are really happy with the diversity of countries and the really amazing people coming to ISWinT this year. Everybody is excited to get to know more about your cultures, your traditions and about life in your country.


There are 70 days left until ISWinT, where you will have the chance to promote your country, but we want to give you an early opportunity to do it!


We have a nice Goody Bag that awaits the best video of your country!

You have to film yourself and tell us more about your country! The videos have to be sent to until 1st of June!

We will start posting the videos on 2nd of June in the order in which we received them!


We will post them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Those who get the most likes will receive our awesome Goody Bag. The winner will be announced at the Opening Ceremony of ISWinT!


Rules for the contest:


1. You must be accepted to ISWinT as a participant, note that the prize will be given at the festival.

2. The video must be between 30 and 55 seconds long.

3. You should include things that make your country special, that tell us about life there, its people and your culture.

4. The video must not include obscene comments about other groups of people (including and not limited to nationalities, sexual orientations, etc…) or anything that might be considered offensive.