Learn through fun

During ISWinT, besides the 8 workshops that we prepared for you, you will have the chance to participate in some activities. We can’t reveal all of them, but we will give you a sneak peek.

Parade - people from all over the world with whom you can share unique experiences

7 billion people, 7 billion souls, each and every person different and unique. But what if, for just one moment, we could make all these differences disappear? One moment in which every person could share his or her feelings without being afraid of any prejudice?

All of these are possible! So take your flag, join us and help us prove that every story is different worth telling, but it gives the same intense feelings!

International Night - discover different cultures from the participant countries, traditional foods, drinks and customs

During the day you get to experience a lot of different cultures from a lot of different people, and since the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, International Night is any foodie’s dream.

Come and get a taste of every cultures most delicious traditional foods and drinks, on your journey to broaden your horizon by discovering and being a part of new customs.

Romanian Night - legends, costumes and traditional food of Romania

Want to learn more about Romania, and its culture and cuisine? Have you ever been curious about the mystery surrounding Vlad the Impaler and his renowned Vampire status? Have you been fascinated by the traditional wears and customs of this beautiful country? Then we’ve got something special prepared for you!

Legends, costumes and traditional food, all in one place and for one night. Romanian night is the perfect moment for you to learn all about the things mentioned above and much more.

Olympics - fun and water in the same place

You can not miss the Olympics, it will be one of the most fun activities.

We have a variety of other activities prepared for you, but to find out more about them you have to come to ISWinT!

See you soon, future ISWinTers!