Modern Times

Title: Modern times

Key words: Contemporary, Controversial, Debate, Understand

Why choose this workshop?

The purpose of this workshop is to connect with this fast paced world we live in.
We live in a continuously evolving world and sometimes we lose track of what is happening around us. People are moving faster day by day, and sometimes we find that events pass us by. Take the time to seize them (and the moment!) by joining this debate workshop!

Number of participants: 10-15


The workshop revolves around the things that have changed and are changing, our purpose is to make you understand better this fast evolving time we live in. You will discuss different events that happened recently and had a massive impact over the Globe and different problems that threaten our existence. Debating these with students who come from all around the world will give you an insight in the different mentalities out there, giving you a better understanding both of the impact of the matter discussed on the people from different areas on the Globe and of the way one nation thinks.

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