Stop Motion

Title: Stop Motion

Key Words: Photographs, Motion Picture, Illusion

Why choose this workshop?

Is photography your passion? Is videography your passion? Then this is the perfect workshop for you, combining both static and movement.

You can learn animation technique and make things look like they’re moving by themselves. In this workshop no idea is too unusual to take any shape you wish and in the end you get to create your own animated film, all of this while having a great time.

Number of participants:  10 – 15


The underlying theme of this workshop is an animation technique which makes things look as if they are moving by themselves. The object is moved in small steps between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of motion, when a series of frames is played as a continuing sequence.

In this workshop participants will face an unprecedented world where every idea, no matter how unusual it can be, can take any shape. The goal is for everyone to learn how to create their own animated film, without neglecting the fun and the good humor.

Trainer information:

Name: Sergiu Andrei Butnariu